What Is TPD Compliance?

In The EU there are regulations and standards. One of these standards and regulations are TPD compliance (Tobacco Product Derivative). All vaping products need to be TPD compliant before they can be on the UK Market, This has been the case since May 2016.

Therefore all of the products available on our large online vape shop are in fact, TPD compliant. We sell TPD compliant Vape Kits, Mods, Tanks, E-Liquids, Coils and much much more! 

The Rules Of TPD: 

1) Product characteristics: New products must comply with requirements relating to their design. These include the size of bottle (max. 10 ml), tank size (max. 2 ml), child-resistant/tamper-evident packaging and refill mechanism technical rules.


2) Notification: Product information – for example, product characteristics, formulation/toxicology and emissions– must be submitted to the MHRA via the EU-CEG portal prior to product launch.


3) Packaging and labelling: There are new rules about packaging. For example, a health warning must appear on the label(s), and certain warnings and precautions must appear in the leaflet. Each EU member state health warning which must be in its native language.


4) Classification of labelling and packaging rules (CLP): With e-liquids, there are rules on the labelling of mixtures that are separate and pre-date the new vape laws. These include the requirement for an exclamation mark or skull and crossbones pictogram, and precautionary statements.

5) Producer registration: Companies must register with the authorities (where applicable) to sell directly to customers via the Internet.